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Italy Cookery Courses


New Classes:

An Italian Rosh Hashanah

Known for her captivating demonstrations of Italian Jewish cookery, Silvia Nacamulli joins us again to share traditional dishes from her Italian Rosh Hashanah menu. She will demonstrate a fish main course of sea bass fillets on a delicate tomato, garlic and parsley sauce, a refreshing herby couscous and a vegetable side dish, as well as two desserts: a delicious honey, coffee and walnut cake and a perfect apple cake. This is a class not to miss!

8th September 2015
Time: 11:00am
Location: JW3
Price: £30

To book visit the JW3 website.

Pizza and Foccacia

Pizza and focaccia are such delicious classics, and they’re easy to make at home once you know how. In this workshop, Silvia Nacamulli will share some of the secrets she has learned, as well as tricks of the trade that will guarantee perfect pizza and fantastic focaccia every time. You’ll learn both fast and slow livening techniques and plenty of tasty toppings! Silvia Nacamulli regularly conducts classes on Italian Jewish cuisine at locations around London. She also runs cookery courses in Italy.

21st October 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Location: JW3
Price: £35

To book visit the JW3 website.

Knife Skills

Good sharp knives are a kitchen essential, and to know how to use them safely and competently is a fundamental skill for any cook. Join Silvia Nacamulli for this essential hands-on class where you’ll learn the whys and hows of knife skills. This class is for beginners, and we’ll be using knives of different sizes for carving, slicing and chopping. We’ll work with poultry, fruit and vegetables. And we will also learn how to keep the knives as sharp as our new skills.

18th November 2015
Time: 10:30am
Location: JW3
Price: £30

To book visit the JW3 website.

Party Food & Entertaining

To effortlessly entertain is an art. Join Silvia Nacamulli as she shares her tips on how to host a successful dinner party, including planning ahead and choosing the right menu. The class is part hands-on and part demo, making dishes suitable both as finger food and/or as part of a dinner menu. Dishes include filo parcels with aubergine, chilli and feta, mini fish boulettes with Asian dressing, a pumpkin, coconut milk and lemongrass soup and mini tartlets with peppers and goat cheese.

8th December 2015
Time: 11:00am
Location: JW3
Price: £30

To book visit the JW3 website.

Private cooking lessons and
larger corporate and charity cookery demonstrations

Silvia´s cooking demonstrations and private cookery lessons are an informative and fun way to learn more about quality Italian Jewish cooking.

Priding herself as a 'cook' rather than a conventionally-trained 'chef', Silvia´s classes are popular for their emphasis on traditional home cooking which is open and accessible to everyone. The secret behind the interactive classes is 'real' food which you can smell, share and experience in a fun and relaxed environment. Dishes and recipes are described in their cultural and historical background adding an extra touch of interest, while Silvia´s approachable and charismatic teaching method will keep you captivated throughout.

Silvia also organises 5-day cookery courses in Umbria.

Private Cookery Lessons

From one-to-one tuition, to lessons for couples and groups of friends, Silvia´s bespoke classes and courses can be tailored from small, selected groups, to larger gatherings and parties.

Silvia will teach you the secrets of authentic Italian cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen with hands-on, personal guidance, and expert tips about where to source the best produce and ingredients. Preparations for each lesson are made simple and Silvia will bring all the necessary ingredients and materials. By the end you will have learnt how to cook three delicious dishes of your choice and enjoyed a freshly cooked meal. Simply choose three recipes from her Menu and contact Silvia to make your booking.

Prices for private lessons vary from £80 to £120 per person. A 10% discount applies for courses of 3 classes or more. Groups of 6 people or more have reduced price. Each lesson lasts 2-3 hours.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for each of Silvia’s services and range in value. From private cooking lessons at home, to Silvia’s courses in Italy or catering for a special event, why not treat family or friends to a gift with a difference.
For more information or to purchase a voucher, please contact Silvia.

Charity Functions, Corporate Events, Team-Building and Larger Groups

The versatile nature of Silvia´s classes makes them a popular choice for larger groups and audiences and those attending charity meetings, corporate functions and team building events will be challenged and entertained by Silvia´s energetic and informative style of teaching.

Silvia can recommend a range of venues to hire. Alternatively, if you can provide your own premises, she will be happy to conduct the class there.

Silvia´s portfolio of corporate and charity clients includes:

Jewish CareGS AirWIZOBritish Friends of the Hebrew Uni
LaniadoLimmudWJRKinloss Learning Centre

As well as numerous synagogues, schools and Charities across the UK.

Cookery Demonstrations

Silvia hosts a range of exciting cookery demonstrations in around London including Divertimenti. These attract a broad audience including men and women of various ages and nationalities. Many returning guests regularly attend Silvia´s classes to learn more about her cooking on an on-going basis.

Advice on cooking methods and equipment is given throughout as are tips on new delis, stores and where to find the best produce or kosher-friendly ingredients.

At the end of each session, guests are invited to sample each of the delicious specialities while chatting to other guests in an informal setting. Ad-hoc cookery demonstrations can also be organised, please contact Silvia for a quote.

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